2022 Women for ATSU Awards Presentations

Women for ATSU members should review and vote on each program application.  Please rank your program choices in order of 1-6.  How to rank: Each number represents the “place” you would like for that program.  For example, 1 represents “1st place”, 2 represents “2nd place” and so on.

You may review applications by clicking on the links provided below and/or scroll to the end to access the voting link.

Still Standing Falls Prevention Outreach
Applicant & Presenter: Elton Bordenave

3D Printer for Surgical Innovations
Applicant & Presenter: Hanna Le

Dreamline Pathways
Applicant: Stephanie McGrew
Presenter: Clarissa Rodriguez

Utilizing Point of Care Ultrasound in Underserved Primary Care Setting
Applicant & Presenter: Ami Mikhail & Kimberly DeVore

Use of the PhysioMax Total Body Trainer as an inter-disciplinary tool within the OT/PT clinic
Applicant: Tania Shearon & Jessica Hayes
Presenter: Jessica Hayes & Jennifer Radziak

Dental Implant Stability with Non-invasive Measurement
Applicant & Presenter: Marc Shlossman


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Voting deadline Thursday, April 21st, 2022 by 5 p.m.

Thank you for your continued support!  You are much appreciated!

Questions: advancementaz@atsu.edu