2017-2018 Student Scholars

We congratulate the 2018 award recipients of the Women for ATSU Scholars Program and celebrate their achievements.

♦ Arizona School of Health Sciences ~ ASHS

Natalie Suvada – I’m a second year occupational therapy student from the Phoenix area. I attended ASU for undergrad, where I studied psychology and minored in educational studies while volunteering in a research lab. I’ve always enjoyed science and psychology, but didn’t know what career path in those field would allow me to use my creative side; luckily I discovered occupational therapy, and I am excited to start my career within the next year! I have been working with teenagers with disabilities for the last few years, and I plan to work with this population after I graduate. In my free time I like to work out, watch movies, and play viola.

♦ Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health ~ ASDOH

Luana J. Choi is a third year dental student at the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health. She serves as President of the Special Care Dentistry Association ASDOH Student Chapter, supporting Day for Special Smiles and ‘Spread The Word to End The R Word Campaign.’ She also conducts research as the ATSU Clinical Research Intern on Measuring the Effects of Didactic and Clinical Environments on Behavioral Intent Among Dental Students in Special Care Dentistry. During after school hours, she can be found tutoring dental students in simulation clinic. Before moving to Arizona, she lived in Los Angeles where she worked at an Adult Day Health Care Center, while volunteering at a local church leading worship for children with special needs. In 2014, she graduated from Mississippi College where she obtained a M.S. in Biology, while conducting research on NIH3T3-L1 preadipocyte cells. In 2011, she received her B.S. in Biology and B.A. in Psychology at UC San Diego, where she served as the Clinic Director of the UC San Diego Student-Run Free Dental Clinics, directing operations of four clinic sites providing free dental services to the underprivileged in San Diego County. Her most memorable moments consists of traveling with the U.S. Navy Hospital Ship Mercy for one month to support humanitarian assistance upon natural disasters in Timor Leste, driving across the border to help children with maxillofacial deformities with the Thousand Smiles Foundation in Enseñada, Mexico, and directing Vacation Bible School with the Haiti Endowment Fund in Hinche, Haiti! Upon graduation, Luana will join her husband, David, and continue their efforts to reduce oral health disparities and improve access to care in underserved communities around the world.