2012-2013 Women for ATSU Program Awards

Women for ATSU is a membership program that provides awareness and philanthropic support to A.T. Still University.  Members include individuals in our community, business partners, University employees, and alumni.  Annual dues are pooled in a fund that members direct toward scholarships, programs and healthcare education projects at the University.

Women for ATSU is seeking applications to award funding.  Finalists will be selected by a sub-committee of Women for ATSU, not including University employees.  Award recipients are voted on by all members of Women for ATSU.

Applicants should not seek funding for research involving human subjects, laboratory animals, or bio hazardous materials; personal travel; one-time guest speakers; or printing costs.  Requests are not to exceed $10,000.

Applications can include requests for equipment, educational materials, community service funding and patient care.
>> Learn more about our 2012 and 2011 Program Award Winners

Application Time Line for Spring, 2013

March 4 Applications Due by 5PM Arizona Time
March 11 Finalists Notified
March 26 Finalists Present to Women for ATSU
April 12 Award Recipients Notified


Application Guidelines

Key items in the application are:
  1. Project Title
  2. Amount of Funding Requested
    a.  Detailed Project Budget (include documentation of cost of equipment, if applicable)
    b.  If Women for ATSU is unable to fund your program at your full requested amount, what is the minimum amount you could accept to still be able to deliver this program successfully.
  3. Project Description
  4. Expected Outcomes
  5. Signatures from submitting applicant, program chair or director, and academic dean or presidential staff member