Contributing Members

Community-minded women who are making a meaningful impact on healthcare.

*Board Members

Jenna Beck

Trish Beré *

Ann Lee Burch

Michelle DiBaise

Mai-Ly Duong

Karen Fallone

Ellen Gohlke

Mirza Hatcher

Dyan Haugen *

Kim Hochschuler *

Marie Maddox

Erin Maruska

Paige Mollen *

Jamalee Moret

Christine Morgan *

Christine Muldoon *

Monica Nenad *

Marge Nia

Tabitha Parent Buck

Maureen Perry *

Erica Quintana * (Chair)

Rebecca Schaffer

Hannah Sobhi *

Lucy Tran

Yvette Thornton

Colleen Trombly

Amanda Weaver *

Janet Woldt

Bobbi Winter

Sammie Yineman


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Please contact the Advancement office at 480-219-6115 if you have any questions or would like to discuss other ways to become involved.