2011-2012 Annual Program Awards

We congratulate the recipients of the 2nd Annual Women For ATSU Program Awards and look forward to their continued success in their endeavors. Over $12,000 in combined funding has been awarded to the following inaugural recipients of the Program Awards.

ASDOH Smile Forward 

Patient Care
Colleen Culverhouse

ASDOH’s Smile Forward program was awarded $5,000 to support a minimum of 5 disadvantaged adults who would receive preventive, diagnostic and restorative oral care services. Patients selected to receive these services would be ages 21 and above, from working poor families who cannot afford dental services.



AFA Balance and Hearing Institute
Troy Hale, Au.D.

ATSU-Audiology program was awarded $7,800 for the purchase of portable otoacoustic emission (OAE) equipment. OAE equipment is used to
screen for hearing loss and can also be helpful in evaluating abnormal middle ear function and in the assessment of tinnitus (ringing in the ears). It is also beneficial for populations who cannot perform traditional diagnostic testing such as infants, hospitalized patients and those with special needs..