2020 Women for ATSU Award Presentations

Women for ATSU members should review and vote on each program application.  Please rank your program choices in order of 1-7.  How to rank: Each number represents the “place” you would like for that program.  For example, 1 represents “1st place”, 2 represents “2nd place” and so on.

  1. Elizabeth St. Laurent | A Pregnant Pause
  2. Tamara Roehling & Pamela Kays | ATSU’s Center for Occupational & Physical Therapy Pelvic Health Program
  3. Jennifer Boakye | Hear the Music and Protect the Ears
  4. Leila Zadeh | IntraSpin System Centrifuge
  5. Heather Johnson & Yvette Thornton | Learning Dentistry through STEAM
  6. Mai-Ly Duong | Mouths, Mothers and Mini-Mees
  7. Victoria Michaels | Smile Forward For Veterans


Voting deadline Monday, April 27th, 2020 by 5 p.m.

Thank you for your continued support!  You are much appreciated!

Please reach out to Lisa at advancementaz@atsu.edu with any questions or concerns.